Prayer Meetings

Prayer Meetings

The Church I am called to care for meets on the first Monday night of each month for prayer. Generally, we attempt to hold these meetings in the houses of the members. At the gatherings we: testify of God’s blessings in our lives, sing hymns of praise, enjoy refreshments and converse with one another, and specifically pour out our hearts to God in praise and sharing with Him the desires of our hearts.

I am reminded in our prayer meetings of what the early saints experienced as recorded in The Acts of the Apostles. In advance of Pentecost, before the New Covenant blessing of the Spirit came upon the disciples, the Church was gathered together “with one accord in prayer and supplication” (Acts 1:14). The assembling of the church in prayer was the precursor to the powerful infusion of the Holy Spirit that energized the saints’ worship and activities. After Pentecost the disciples continued steadfastly in prayers (Acts 2:42) and God was adding to the church daily (v. 47). After Peter and John were imprisoned and released they assembled with the church and lifted up their voices together to God (Acts 4:24). In Acts 12, Peter was imprisoned and was facing execution and the church gathered together in prayer (v. 12). God sent an angel and Peter was delivered from the sword. Subsequent to the missionary effort of Paul and Barnabas, the church fasted and prayed and sent them on their journey having asked for the grace of God to be with them (Acts 13:3).

I pray that God will send revival, deliverances, and open doors to evangelize as He did in Acts and will work through the prayer meetings today as in the past in the accomplishment of His will.

More of thy presence, Lord, impart

            More of thy image let me bear;

Erect a throne within my heart,

            And reign without a rival there.


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